Gaining Academic Edge through an A-Level Coursework

A-Level Coursework

Advanced Level coursework, commonly referred to as an A-Level coursework, is a study method done by many students undertaking an A-level General Certificate of Education. It is mostly offered by educational institutions in the United Kingdom, namely England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Generally, it is an optional study material which students may take during the final two years of their secondary education, usually during the twelfth and thirteenth years. Before a student can participate in an A-level course, GCSE and other IGCSE examinations need to be passed. Although internationally recognized, these courses are mostly found in the countries mentioned above.

There is a wide array of topic areas that can be pursued as an A-Level coursework, however, in accomplishing it, it is highly recommended that you select a study in the language which you speak fluently. Students may opt to take advanced level courses under General Studies or under Critical Thinking depending on what the University requires. In most cases, A-level courses in Critical Thinking are favoured by universities, as they require students to submit well-researched materials and gain strong knowledge in broad affairs like politics.

The introduction of an A-Level coursework is to encourage students to bring their learning experience to a newer and higher level. That is to make them appreciate focusing on various study areas and topics. Students do that by selecting A-level courses which are closely related. For example, you can take three courses focused on human nature like sociology, psychology and politics instead of choosing a science subject, a language subject and a creative subject. After you have completed your coursework, gaining an entry into the college or university of your choice follows. Most universities require students to have at least three advanced level courses finished but this varies depending on the educational institution. Take note, there is no limit in the number of A-level courses that can be undertaken, but most students prefer not to take more than 5 at a time.


Since you need the GCSE coursework to get admission to college, you have to take the task seriously. To start, you need to have a clear title and objective. Without a clear objective in mind, doing the topic well would be a struggle. Once that objective is set, make sure that you follow and meet it throughout the coursework. Do not lose sight of the initial questions you have raised, otherwise your work will surely be given low marks for vagueness. For a well-balanced coursework it is recommended that you use a variety of sources to have different views and perspective on the topic. Last but not least, make sure to do an evaluation of whatever you have come up with.

A-Level Coursework

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