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Whether we realize it or not, the arts are part of the daily living of everyone. An Art essay tells us that the arts are important in much that we see, hear, and do. When we walk down a city street or ride down a country road we pass buildings of various sorts, that is, houses, stones, barns, churches. Some of them look attractive and inviting, others do not. However, this Art essay also tackles that, in looking at buildings and reacting to them, we are being concerned with architecture, one of the oldest and most important of the many areas of art.

When the essay writing service composes this paper as an expository essay, we consider that architecture is only one part of the large field of the visual arts, the arts we perceive through our eyes. Too often people consider visual arts as involving only painting and sculpture. The visual arts include such things as clothes, household appliances, and the furnishings of our homes, schools, churches, and other buildings; in fact, most of the things that have been fashioned by man to help him carry on the complex process of living.

It is the visual arts which bring order and clarity to our visual world. Through the ideas they select and the forms they create, painters and sculptors express the ideals, the hopes, and the fears of the times in which they live. In the more functional fields, artists and designers give significance and worth to the forms and objects of our daily lives.

The assures you that when we write the paper, we cover every aspect of the subject to its greatest extent. If we tune in a musical program in the radio or sing a song with others in a classroom or in a chorus, we are having contact with music, another of the important arts. The song we sing may be a tune which is popular now but will be forgotten in a year or it may be a selection which has been sung or played for centuries. Music is a “pure” art for, unlike the others, it makes no use of natural forms or materials. However, in common with the other arts, it deals with human emotions. Perhaps because of its purity it can convey emotions with great intensity and seems particularly able to affect people directly. Music is a broad and varied field, serving many different moods and occasions.

We have been talking here about aesthetics, about the qualities of things we see or hear that make them beautiful. The aesthetic qualities of objects, tackled in the Art essay, are quite apart from their usefulness or antiquity, although beauty gives new meaning to their usefulness or adds to their value. The aesthetic aspects of any work, that is, a painting, song, story, dance, or play, are make it art. It is also important to cover in the Art essay that we distinguish between art and nature, for they are fundamentally different. We may be impressed by the beauty of a snowcapped mountain or a sunset and thus react to the wonders of nature. Art, however, is man-made. It is an interpretation of nature and of life when writing an essay.

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