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Ultius is the art of predicting the future and getting benefit from it. Discuss. Introduction Most people from different countries rely on employment as a source of income. Though some employ themselves by starting own ultiuses, a large number rely Read More

Dissertation Project

Dissertation Project

Understanding the Requirements of Dissertation Project can Help Students Complete them Better For students who are doing Masters or PhD degrees writing dissertations is a compulsory part of the degree. When undertaking the dissertation project, Read More

Dissertation Guide

Dissertation Guide

Dissertation Guide Will Lead You to Successful Completion of Dissertation Dissertations are research documents done for a Masters or PhD degree of any kind. The research will have to be done by the student independently. Doing this will advance the Read More

Frequently Asked Dissertation Questions


All Your Dissertation Questions Should Be Answered Before Beginning Your Writing In order to obtain a degree for a PhD or Master’s program, you will need to submit a research or dissertation paper. What is a dissertation? A dissertation also known Read More

Mastering the Dissertation Writing Techniques

Knowing Essentials of Dissertation Writing is Important for Writing a Good Dissertation Dissertation writing is a very important part of doing an advanced degree. Completing a dissertation successfully is highly regarded and therefore, it is Read More

How to Write a Dissertation Proposal


Dissertation Proposal: A Journey Map Experienced researchers will tell you that just about everything you state in your dissertation proposal will be tweaked or omitted once you conduct your research. Then why is the proposal so important? Famed Read More

Tips on dissertation acknowledgments


Dissertation acknowledgments: The Basics If you have finished your dissertation and are thinking of ways to get it presented before the panel, you have to think about acknowledging the contributions of all the people who have made it possible for you Read More

Dissertation Research Sampling for Dummies


Sampling Techniques for Dissertation Research When the population representing the phenomenon we want to study is too large, we use the method of sampling or studying a smaller representative group to conduct our dissertation research. The method we Read More

Knowing the Differences in UK Essays and US Essays


Make Clear of Your Need of a UK Essay or US Essay if You Were to Seek Writing Assistance When students are getting their essays written by a professional essay writing service or if they wish to write their essays on their own, there are certain Read More


Methodology Writing Help

Methodology Writing Help We own almost all our knowledge not to those who have agreed but to those who have differed. – Charles Caleb Colton (1780-1832) British clergyman, sportsman and author. Are you stressed out about having to do lots of Read More