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Words that can ruin your sentence


Words that can ruin your sentence Crutch words are words that people often use even without realizing it. They do not add any meaning to the sentences and can be used in a wrong way. It is important not to use such words while writing your essay or Read More

Goals are Good, but It Is Better to Focus on Actions


Goals are Good, but It Is Better to Focus on Actions Every person is taught to set certain goals, which he or she wants to achieve. People dream about different things: somebody wants to write a book or build a successful business, others have more Read More

The best drama schools in the world


The best drama schools in the world There are a lot of professional drama schools around the world, where talented students can reveal all their abilities and desire to become the masters of their crafts. Let`s find out about the most famous of them. Read More

You are speaking emoji

You are speaking emoji It’s easy to believe emoji overtake the civilized world. They are literally everywhere, tiny smiling faces and smirks that are intended to replace the actual language. Without giving it a second thought, you would probably Read More

Free Subjects to Study at Khan Academy

Free Subjects to Study at Khan Academy Khan Academy is a great website, where you can find a lot of courses on any subject, and all of them are totally free. This site will be handy both for school students, college or university, and those, who just Read More

What is special about The Juilliard School?

Juilliard School

What is special about The Juilliard School? The Juilliard School is one of the most prominent music schools and one of the best institutions for Performing Arts in the whole world. It is situated in New York City, in the Lincoln Center for the Read More


graduate admission essay

Preparing For A Good GRE Essay If you are applying to Graduate School, you might be assigned to take the GRE. The Graduate Record Examination or GRE is common in the USA and many other English speaking countries. Considered one of the toughest tests, Read More


dissertation online

Selecting A Good Sources For Writing A Dissertation Online A dissertation is done for a Masters of doctorate degree. This is also called a thesis. Without completing your dissertation you will not be able to obtain the degree that you are vying for. Read More


Dissertation Writing

Mastering the Dissertation Writing Techniques Good dissertation writing is a very important part of doing an advanced degree. Completing a dissertation successfully is highly regarded and therefore, it is essential and important for students to do Read More