An Approach to Conducting a Business Studies Coursework

Business Studies Coursework

Finishing Business Studies coursework involves a great deal of research and study. However, before proceeding to the actual gathering of primary data from various written resources and business organizations, you need to have a specific approach on the project.

Contacting a firm is one of the ways to work on Economics or Business studies. Doing an A-Level coursework under these subjects is going to be easier and more successful if you have a particular name in mind. If there is none, in order to get in touch with some company you can resort to using your connections such as family friends, past students, your Careers Department, politicians you may know, or your contacts at school or work.

Of course, selecting the type of firm needs to be in line with your topic. It is also imperative that you check the topic’s availability and suitability with your professor prior to conducting the study so as not to waste your effort in pursuing a topic that is not suitable or no longer available. Information availability regarding your chosen topic needs to be ensured too. Making assumptions that important data and business figures will surely be at hand is never good.

Business Studies Coursework

Once you have chosen a business topic, working on the actual paper follows, and the title is your first concern. It is important to keep the title of the coursework as simple as possible. Posing a question, such as how or should, is a good idea. Remember not to overload the title with too many words and do not forget to check its suitability with your instructor/professor.


The next step is data gathering and its appropriate use for the project. With the data you have collected from your chosen firm, do analyses and look for possible interrelationships and correlations. Avoid including all information, cover only that which is relevant to your coursework objectives. Adding too much unnecessary data to your study will only result in losing the focus of your Business Studies coursework.

All the data needs to be presented in a clear and logical manner. Apart from texts and references, using diagrams, graphs and numbers helps in delivering a more coherent and rational coursework.

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