Compare and Contrast Essay Topics before Proceeding to Write

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

There are various forms of essays that have varied qualities and purposes. It can be a descriptive, evaluative, narrative, compare and contrast or a persuasive essay. Compare and contrast essays are some of the most common form of essays that students are assigned to write. In this form of essay, a student is required to compare two or more issues, things, ideas, events etc. and evaluate how they resemble and yet differentiate from each other. Compare and contrast essay topics vary from genre to genre. You may get a wide variety of these topics at It is an essay writing service where all the team is dedicated to the academic support of students. Every form of essay writing helps the student in few to many ways. Compare and contrast essays help the student writer to advance his argumentation and critical thinking capabilities. He understands how to perceive and describe both issues giving each equal importance while avoiding bias and personal favour. It develops a knack to look at both sides of the coin with equal patience and rational attitude. You may find differences and striking similarities in the two events or issues that you are set to compare.

The compare and contrast essay topics may be provided by the teacher or may be allowed to the student to choose. The student will naturally follow his interest and zero down to a topic within a subject of his liking. The topics may be based on a situational approach. Instances of such topics are: You have decided that you need a short vacation and have also come up with the perfect resort which is say 800 miles from your house.

You are confused about the mode of transport you will use to reach your destination – airplane or bus. Write a compare and contrast essay on your situation. In such an essay, you compare the costs, comfort, time, booking facilities etc. and other characteristics of each mode of transport. It is more like giving the reader an insight into the pros and cons of both options. Hence, this type of essay writing has its crux in being informative. may be referred to as they have the niche to provide information on all things, common and uncommon.

There is also another, more complicated range of compare and contrast essay topics. They may be as following: Compare the literary work of William Shakespeare and Robert Greene. This topic requires a lot more reading and study into the history of literature. It can be a valuable source of information to the student. Sites like may have to be approached by a student seeking online information. Or the student may be asked to compare the financial conditions before and after the Great Depression of the 1920’s. The student will have to open the financial bible as the Great Depression left unforgettable scars for a very long time whereas the period before it was getting worse as time passed. A subjective topic to such an essay may be: Compare the cultural and moral values in the USA and India. It will invite a lot to talk about, for example: upbringing, arranged marriages, education and schooling, rampant divorces in the US which are a social stigma in India and so on.

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