Pointers to Consider in a Critical Essay


Is it really difficult to write a Critical essay? In many cases, writing such an article can lead to frustration among students, especially if they are not equipped with information on composing such an article. When you experience this crisis, you can always count on Grandpaperwriting.com and let the writers of the essay writing service company do the job for you. But in order to make it clear for you, let us talk about the essay that intends to critique and analyze another document in reference. This way you can learn how to write the paper on your own.

A Critical essay, or a Critical analysis essay, is a piece of writing that critiques another paper, say for example, a Shakespeare’s play or a Music essay. The first thing to do is to read an external article and make sure that you understand the contents of it. Then use your skills to deliver what you think about the article, how you feel about its contents, and share this important information with the readers of your Critical essay. It is like you are a judge whether the full contents of the article in reference is worth reading. You are writing a script that will help other people further appreciate or dismiss the value of another document.


The first part of a Critical essay is a summary of the contents of the referenced material. This is like telling a brief story about what you have read. You need to make your readers familiarized with the topic and the contents of the referenced document, because you want them to agree with your critical analysis conclusions. Please take note that you need not divulge all information contained in the work in question. It is only a matter of generalizing its contents and making the readers more interested in your source paper.

The second phase of a Critical essay is the actual presentment of your opinion about the piece of writing. In order to do this, mention first its good points and then provide some details about its failures that you consider it to have. Remember that critique is not always about contradicting the ideas expressed in other written documents. It is a generic perception of the work, therefore it is possible that you critique a work, with which contents you can either agree or disagree. When you write the discussion, make sure that you point out your opinion in a very detailed manner. For example if you do not like what the author has said in their article, you should write your own opinion about it. But in order for the audience to give credibility to your opinion, you also need to support it with arguments and evidence. It will help your readers appreciate what you have written.

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