Making a Descriptive Essay

descriptive essay

A Descriptive essay is made clear not only by the use of concrete details but also by utilizing words that appeal to our five senses. Surely, there would come a time in your life that you will be asked to illustrate an event, a person or an object in written form like in a letter, a report in class or a descriptive essay.

There are two types of description, depending upon your purpose. One is objective description where the aim is primarily to identify the object. To express information based on facts, in the likes of those documents needed in police records, newspaper ads and official files, objective description is used. For purposes of this specific kind of research paper, our essay writing service, that is, recommends you do the other type which is subjective description. Its purpose is not merely to describe the physical characteristics of the object but to include the thoughts and reactions stimulated in us when we wee or imagine the thing described. It is subjective in the sense that we bring in our personal reactions and attitude towards what is being specified.

The offers you these points in writing an illustrative paper:

  1. Be sure that you are really familiar with the object you are describing. A definite and precise description should be given and not a general ambiguous notion about it;
  2. You must discover its components which might be significant and fascinating; and you must incorporate your insights;
  3. Choose only the information and reactions which reflect to the unified impression that you want to create in the description. Discard irrelevant ones;
  4. Be accurate; you should provide an unbiased, factual idea of the properties of the object, so that there will be no confusion between the object per se and the object as seen through your interpretation of what you see;
  5. Avoid cataloguing the characteristics of the object you are describing. Feature-by-feature enumeration spoils your description. You must exclude the cliched and apparent information and observation. However, you may include details which may be considered common. But try giving them fresh interpretative reactions or a new or unexpected point of view; and lastly,
  6. Use words which are readily suggestive in their sense of comparisons, words that bring remembrance of colorful or gloomy images, odors, sounds, taste reactions, shapes, and sizes.

The writer’s treatment, exploration and reaction on all the things in the world are representative of his literary works and his descriptive essays. It is not only about the subject in creative or imaginary writing. Inherent in his feelings is the obligation to write perpetually about nature that will remind society the notion of being proactive, and to be respectful and thankful towards the natural world. After writing a descriptive essay successfully, the hopes that you be reminded of nature’s munificence and benevolence as manifested by everything you see around you, on land, on air, on sea, and of man’s wastage and prodigality of these bounties clearly described in an essay with legs strong enough to visualize these on paper.

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