Tips and Guidelines on How to Write Acknowledgement


Writing a dissertation acknowledgement is an important thing to do. Though it is usually being carried out by students at the very end of dissertation writing, acknowledgement remains one of its most essential parts.

Dissertation writing is the most profound and complex type of academic writing. That is why students usually need help and sound advice in order to cope with it. Expressing gratitude to people who were guiding you through the writing process and provided with useful information is essential and obligatory from a scholar point of view. It is not only polite, but also a correct approach to dissertation acknowledgement writing as well.

Students usually write acknowledgements after they have already written a dissertation and reread it several times. It is possible to say that writing an acknowledgement is the final stage of dissertation writing. Only after all the stress has gone and a student feels relaxed and calm, the time to write an acknowledgement comes.

A Good Counsel on Acknowledgement Writing

First of all, it is necessary to understand what exactly dissertation acknowledgement is and what information it must contain. Previous passage will be helpful, while here we are going to discuss main cornerstones of acknowledgement writing structure.

  • Where to place?As you already might now, dissertation has a strict division into sections. No matter if you have to write a law dissertation, or a philosophy one, your work must have a strict chapter order. Consequently, you must have an abstract, table of contents, the main body, a bibliography and a reference section. Acknowledgement usually goes right after a cover page.
  • The Purpose of AcknowledgementAs you already know, acknowledgements suppose to express gratitude and recognition to all people who were helping you during dissertation writing. Basically, you must name everyone, who was offering you a help and provided with information. Not only your supervisor, but also a librarian, fellow-students and even friends have to be mentioned. If a person has played a certain role in the writing process- he deserves mentioning in your acknowledgement!
  • Expressing of GratitudeAs a matter of fact, there are no exact rules of how exactly an acknowledgement must be written. This is the section for your imagination to feel a relief from strict provisions of academic writing. Just relax and take some time to write about all people who were guiding to the final point of destination – actual submission.
  • How to start?It is always difficult to begin writing something. Opening remarks might be difficult to pick up after tiresome dissertation writing. Hence, the following phrases will be useful: “I owe a great full thank you to…”; “This dissertation will not be complete…”; “My sincere thanks go out to…”; “Many people contributed their time, effort and ideas in to completing this dissertation…”

A Better Solution

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