Use the Proper Formatting In Your Dissertation


When writing a dissertation most students feel uncertain of the proper formatting to be applied to the dissertation. A dissertation must be produced in an orderly manner and there are many guidelines which have to be adhered to when writing. Dissertation format is one one such guideline which the students will have to be knowledgeable with in order to submit a well written dissertation.

A dissertation guide is most often available in many academic institutions and students who are unsure as to how to proceed with their formatting will get all the information they require from this handbook. However, given below is a summary of what elements which are most common when it comes to formatting.

  • The Title Page

This will include the name of the university, dissertation title, author’s name, major and the date. There should be no numbering in the title page.

This section of the dissertation is the easiest to write as the writer has a free hand and will acknowledge all who helped and contributed to the successful completion. It should be kept in mind, however, that all aspects of dissertation writing are formal.

  • The Abstract

Will summarize the dissertation in less than 350 words. This will be written on a separate page and will give a brief overview of what the whole study is about and its intended contribution to the field of study.

  • The Introduction

The introduction will summarize the background of the subject being studied, and will introduce the thesis statement as well as the problem.

  • Literature Review

The information gathered on the subject will be analyzed and summarized in the literature review chapter of the dissertation.

  • Dissertation Methodology

This part of the dissertation will inform the reader of the research design and how the study was implemented. It will give an explanation as to how data was obtained, the population and sampling and the data analysis.

  • Discussion and results

All results of the investigation will be executed within this section of the dissertation.

  • Conclusion

Summarizes the entire dissertation project written.

  • Reference

Reference details of all cited and quoted information within the dissertation will be listed in this section.

  • Appendix

This will give additional supporting information which are important to the dissertation but were not included in the body of the report.

The font style and size, line spacing, and margin requirements are usually available in the dissertation guide. However, it is important for the student to speak with the tutor if unsure of these aspects of writing. is a site dedicated to helping students with dissertations and other assignments. If you have any problems writing yours seek help from them and their professional writers will educate you in the basics of dissertation format or will write your dissertation or you.

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