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To improve your English essays or any other short essays, you must become a master of words and their usage. You should develop an active curiosity concerning words, their meanings, etymology, synonyms and antonyms. Perhaps ‘the dictionary habit’ affords the best means of acquiring an interest in and an understanding of words. If you do not own a recent edition of a good dictionary, you should buy one and keep it handy on your desk. Heed the words of John Ruskin who writes excellent English essays, “get into the habit of looking intensely at words, and assuring yourself of their meaning, syllable by syllable, nay, letter by letter… whenever your are in doubt about a word, hunt it down patiently… never let a word escape you that looks suspicious.”

In addition to the dictionary, the expert writers of Grandpaperwriting.com  would advise you to consult reference books such as Roget’s Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases, Fowler’s Dictionary of Modern English Usage, Crabbe’s English Synonyms, Kin’s A Dictionary of American Maxims, and Reifer’s A Dictionary of New Words. If time permits, study the development of the language from ancient times to the present: the grammatical structure of English, its relations with other languages, ancient and modern.

In order to produce well-written English essays, you should read widely, selectively and critically both fiction and non-fiction. Study the style in quality periodicals such as The New Yorker, The Saturday Review, Time, Harper’s Magazine, The Atlantic and others. Examine carefully the model speeches in Vital Speeches of the Day magazine, as well as in collections like A. Craig Baird’s Representative American Speeches and Harold F. Harding’s The Age of Danger: Major Speeches on American Problems. Read a good newspaper regularly to observe the sprightly economic style of the seasoned reporters, columnists and editorial writers. Listen analytically to the language style employed by successful lecturers, preachers, political figures and radio-television performers. Seek the company of mature conversationalists among your classmates, teachers, church and club members and dormitory mates. And learn from their example to construct sophisticated discourse when you will be writing an essay.

Make a determined and systematic attempt to improve the clarity, directness, appropriateness, vividness and impressiveness of the language you employ in your English essay. The essay writing service experts also suggest that you consider each act of written communication as an opportunity to develop your language skills. Conscientious practice in writing will produce an increased language facility which provides carry-over value for speaking. Refuse to dash off a report, GCSE coursework or term paper paying scant attention to the requisites of effective style. Rework each composition until it represents your thinking precisely and actively. Join the editorial staff of your college newspaper, as you will find this experience stimulating and rewarding. Also, practice writing speeches in manuscript form. Either deliver the speeches in class or give the copies to the instructor for their suggestions on style. Immediately after each writing experience, ask yourself questions such as: How efficient was my use of language? In what ways could I have improved grammar? Syntax? Simplicity? Accuracy? Understandability? Vividness? Conversational quality? Suitability for the reader, the theme and yourself as the writer? All these contribute to the quality essay help.

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