Essay Cover Page Format is Something You Must Not Underestimate

Essay Cover Page Format

They say: ‘Never judge a book by its cover’. Though people tend to let such phrases pass, considering them to be similar to ‘tales of the olden times’ when the sky used to be bright blue and the earth would smell pure, there is something that catches your attention in this phrase. The beauty of the above phrase is that it explains human tendency and also points out the mistake we humans often make. We tend to judge things and people by their appearance. The appeal of a thing lies in its outward appearance. It is quite natural, as that is what catches our eye first! An essay may be beautifully structured, well quoted, perfectly cited, but in spite of all this, if the cover page is not up to the mark, a student ends up being the loser. An essay cover page format is best followed to avoid such tragedy. There as many academically oriented companies like which strive to provide their clients with the best content as well as outer covers for their essay projects.

The cover of your essay holds equal importance as its content. It may be considered a serious part of your essay. After all, it is the ‘first impression’ and may more often than not influence the ‘final impression’. Hence, wisdom calls you to devote great care and attention to your cover page quality as well as your essay cover page format. There are so many ways in which you may present your cover page depending on the essay writing format you are following. These may be found in These are all the more reasons for you to exercise caution not to go wrong here. You should discuss with your professor the format that is required by your curriculum. Mostly, you may be asked to adopt a widely used writing format like APA or MLA as their regular use aids easy readability by readers from across countries. Also, you may request to take a glance at a sample if possible.

A widely recommended APA essay cover page format commands that your title page should have a running head featuring the title of your paper and placed left. The number of the page is placed right .Then you type in your work’s title in upper and lowercase letters, it should not exceed a 12-word length. Beneath the title you should write the author’s name. And beneath it type in your educational institute. All this should be done using 10 or 12 pt. Times New Roman font with double spacing throughout the page. can be trusted with such minute details as it is an essay writing service which holds immense knowledge in the field of writing.

A student who has paid requisite attention to the cover page of his essay is bound to be awarded with teacher’s approval, if their essay has the other essentials (content, substance, structure, style etc.) However, this may not be the case if the student has ignored the essay cover page format altogether, although a good essay might be found under this cover.

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