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An effective system for recording information requires you to select cards of a convenient size, a system of notation for relating the note cards to the bibliography cards and the outline, and a form for recording information. This is what the essay writing service means by taking essay notes. Even though you will probably want to photocopy some materials in the library, you will still need to take notes on the works that you find useful for your paper. Having a photocopy of a work does not substitute for having essay notes in the form of note cards on which you organize selected information from the work.

Informational notes may contain direct quotations in written essays. All quotations should be run in with the text of the note and enclosed in quotation marks. If the quotation runs more than one paragraph, begin each paragraph at the left margin without indention. Place quotation marks at the beginning of each paragraph and at the beginning and end of the entire selection. Quoted material in notes should follow the spacing used all throughout.

Before you begin to take notes, enter on the card the information you will need to link the note card to the appropriate bibliography card. Some researchers number each bibliography card and put the corresponding number on each note card. Using the author’s name, however, is more likely to be accurate than using numbers. The suggests that you should check to be certain that you have recorded accurately the page number from which you are transcribing information. If you turn a page in the middle of a note, indicate precisely the point of division between the pages so that if you use only part of the note in the paper, you will know to which page in the source the note should refer. Also, before you put the note card aside, enter either the section of your outline or the area of your subject to which the information is relevant. Some researchers pencil in this comment so that they can make changes as their thinking develops.

You may choose to record information in one of two basic forms: direct quotation or summary as with an essay note. The quotation may encompass one or more words, phrases, clauses, complete sentences, or paragraphs. It is a good idea to take down a direct quotation. We, in the, prescribe you also write down a quotation when you wish to have the material on your note cards precisely as the author wrote it so that you can reread or verify it later. Before leaving the source, check direct quotations carefully so that you can be confident of their accuracy.

Carelessness in writing essay notes can result in unintentional plagiarism even for a good writer. That’s we suggest that you take into consideration editing your paper. Of course you can always use any other resource materials for your essay. But always remember that it is your responsibility to cite your resources. You can use APA or MLA formats to do this. And it only takes a little learning to stay away from plagiarism offenses.

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