Tips On Selecting Good Essay Title


Essay Title is what stands out from the essay at a first glance. Since it is in a bigger font size and highlighted or underlined usually, the title is practically thrown up to the prospective reader. However, if it is not an effective title, there is little chance of the rest of the essay or article being read. This is why a good essay writer should pay attention to developing a catchy and attention grabbing title line for the work. Following are few tips for coming up with effective titles for essays and written works:

  • Write Concise TitlesKeep your essay title short and easy to understand. If the reader can not understand the title itself, there is little chance of him wanting to read the rest.
  • Gain the AttentionTitle gets the reader’s attention. It should literally grab it. So, use startling facts, witty comments, snide remarks or controversial statements to get your reader’s interest piqued.
  • Make it RepresentativeThe title should be representative of the essay. It should therefore contain the main key word on which the essay is written. If it is a business essay, then these key words should be present in the title.
  • Use second TitleIt is sometimes recommended to use a second title. This helps you state what you want in the title section but keep the main heading short. The second title can highlight the key points you are writing on while the main heading will refer to the overall topic.
  • Working TitleWhen you start the essay, do not bother with fine-tuning the title. Just come up with a tentative working title and proceed with the work. Once you finish the writing, you may have better and more interesting ideas for presenting a good title.
  • Formal or InformalSome essays such as law essay will require a formal title. Works such as a financial dissertation too will need formal essay titles. But if you are writing a narrative essay or a personal essay, you can choose an informal title. The nature of your audience also plays a key role on deciding what level of formality to be infused in to a title. Some lecturers and professors may prefer somber titles while others may appreciate satire, irony, cynicism and any other form of creative expression that can gain attention of the reader. As the writer, you must gauge the pulse of the reader and decide what is best. However if you can not do this, stick to middle ground and make it interesting yet less controversial.

By referring to sample essays in essay banks and writing services web sites, you can gain a better idea of how effective titles are developed. Some students get themselves stumped at essay writing process from the very beginning and grapple with forming a good essay title. Take these advices and apply them to your writing process to have better luck with your work. If you find it hard to cope with your essay writing, seek professional essay help from The company will assist you in not only developing a proper title but also writing the essay as per proper essay structure and formatting requirements.

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