Choosing Essay Topics According to your Skill

Essay Topics

The choices of essay topics are endless and writers often land in a lurch deciding on the right topic. In order to avoid such a problem, one should start thinking of the topic that they most care about. Once ideas start pouring in, one can make a list of all the possible topics. Now comes the scanning part. There will be some topics about which one knows a lot of things. And then there will be some topics about which the author has no knowledge.

It is better to avoid both while choosing essay topics. Writing is alike a process of enquiry. If one is already proficient in that subject, there will be nothing left to add. The essay should be approached in such a manner as if the writer is going to examine a few important things about the subject. One should have the capacity and liberty to explore while writing an essay. Exploration will lead to new revelations which will add a different angle to the essay. This is a complex process and one might need help of a professional to start the process of examination.

No essay will be good unless there is a minimum amount of brainstorming. The topic should provoke questions and discussions. Even if there are any unpleasant essay topics which has not been touched upon previously should be included in the potential list. This will help the authors to expand their horizons and think of areas which they can explore. Before starting, you can have a look at numerous essay writing examples and put yourself questions in terms of the topic you’ve chosen. An inquisitive mind will definitely find the answers. If there are loads of whys, hows, when’s, and what’s, it will ultimately prove beneficial for the writers who will try to answer all these questions at the end. Or else, one can always seek some help from a professional writer from as this is the custom writing service devoted to providing academic help on any stages of writing. .

Before one starts with narrowing down the topics, one should do a five-minute free write on all the topics. This is what you write without thinking. This is also known as fats writing. One should not think of technical details like grammatical mistakes, spelling or punctuations. One should keep ion scribbling unless the time is up. This will be a good exercise for the brain. Once you evaluate the end product, you will find out that each write-up has turned out to be colorful. It is an amazing thing how fast the brain works.

As you write without limitations and restrictions, you will be able to judge about your thinking capacity. The last important step of choosing essay topics is the narrowing down procedure. One should look at the potential list of topics, the free write ups, the questions that have been jotted down and there will be some topic which will be interesting enough to generate inquisitiveness. This will be the motivating force behind writing the essay. Once it is established that the topic could be taken to next workable level, writing will not be difficult. If you are still not satisfied, you may seek professional help and guidance at

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