Getting a Head Start with Starting an Essay


All students know the importance of essay writing. Therefore, they also know the importance of proper research and proper writing. Many students are able to select good essay topics and conduct research on these topics. But when it comes to starting an essay they find themselves unable to know where to begin. Therefore, although they know how to write the essay they might find themselves seeking the assistance of a writing service simply because they are unable to start the essay.

  • Importance of a Good Beginning

A good essay starter catches the reader’s attention. This is what you require to make your essay effective. Regardless of whether it is for essay writing or dissertation writing, you need a beginning which compels the reader to continue with your essay. Tutors read many essays. By the time they get to your essay they all start sounding the same. Therefore, your task is to ensure that your beginning is more interesting and attention seeking than the others. Although you are graded on the structure and contents of the essay and how it is presented, the beginning is important; as without one which is good the tutor might just glance through the essay and miss out all the interesting points you have included in it.

  • How to Come Up With a Good Beginning

Now that we know the importance of a good beginning, let us find out tips on essay writing. How often do you sit in front of the computer with all your research and hope for inspiration to strike? If you apply the proper methods, you will have a good beginning for your essay.

• Free writing is always a good method to begin your essay. Simply write what you feel. Read it over and continue. At the end of your free writing session you will have some information which will help you to come up with a good beginning.

• Try beginning with a quote or a short story. In the case of an English essay students can use famous quotes by popular persons to begin their essays. But make sure to avoid clichés.

• Interesting topics enable students to write better and as a result there will be no worries about how they should begin. So, make sure to choose a good topic.

• Another method of beginning is to ask a question. Using a question to begin the essay provides focus and direction.

• Some students find themselves drafting a brief working introduction and writing the body and the conclusion before the beginning of the essay. This tactic may help some students who can not get the essay off the ground. Having finished the body and conclusion can help students refine the introduction better.

How you attend to starting an essay makes a difference. The most important aspect to consider is that with a good beginning your essay will stand out from the rest. Therefore, plan out what you wish to say before beginning the essays writing procedure.

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