All Your Dissertation Questions Should Be Answered Before Beginning Your Writing


In order to obtain a degree for a PhD or Master’s program, you will need to submit a research or dissertation paper. What is a dissertation? A dissertation also known as a thesis is a lengthy academic document written on investigative findings and usually submitted in partial fulfilment of a degree. It is much longer than an essay and requires the student to go into an in-depth analysis of the subject which he is studying. When you are assigned to write a dissertation for the first time, it is natural for you to worry about certain aspects of the dissertation. Below is a list of Dissertation Questions which are the most common.

What is the purpose of a dissertation?
Writing a dissertation proves that you are able to carry out important independent research and be able to describe its outcome logically and clearly. This is your chance to show the dissertation committee how competent you are at this task.

How soon should I start thinking about writing one?
Before you begin writing your dissertation, you will have to complete your exams and coursework assigned. However, it is not easy to write a dissertation and as a lot of time and effort will go in to identifying suitable topic as well as deciding on research methods, it is recommended that you plan ahead and be well prepared.

How to conduct research?
Dissertation research is conducted according to certain methodology. You have to use both primary and secondary research. Primary research will be what you come up with in your investigation in to the matter and secondary is all other information you will acquire through published material, online sources and other dissertations done by scholars.

How to write the abstract?
Your dissertation abstract is a very concise summary of what the whole dissertation is all about. It will provide the reader with a snapshot of the research objectives, methodology, analysis and findings. This is one of the most important parts of the paper as it is the section which gets read most often when other students are researching for scholarly material as dissertations in order to be cited in their work.

What is the structure of my dissertation?
A successful dissertation depends on how you structure it. There has to be a logical flow to your arguments so that the reader understands what you wish to convey. A dissertation is structured in to a number of chapters and supported by a number of beginning pages and appendixes. Standard content of a dissertation includes a cover page, an abstract, and dissertation acknowledgement, table of contents, introduction chapter, literature review chapter, methodology chapter, analysis and discussion chapter, conclusion and appendix.

Usually students are provided with a dissertation guide which will answer all your dissertation questions. If you find yourself wondering on any questions which are not answered in your dissertation hand book or guide, ask from your supervisor or a tutor for a clarification. Alternatively you can also refer to online sources for clarifications. Dissertation is a major stumbling block at which many students sadly fail mainly due to their inability to comprehend the methodology involved in conducting and writing a dissertation paper. These results in a number of years of study and effort you put in to the degree program going without recognition as you will not be conferred a degree. Therefore, seek dissertation help if you find yourself unable to cope with the task. Well established writing services such as has dissertation writers who are experts in various fields with a large number of successful dissertations to their credit. You can collaborate with them closely and work with them, learning the art and science of dissertation writing as they work on your assignment.

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