According to recent claims, facts of global warming are groundless. Are there any scientific proofs for such claims?


The concept of global warming seems to be a “monster of paper writer” which has been attacking the international community of scientists and many national governments. Many scholars believe that all the green house gases emitted through various human activities has been causing the current climate change and that the warming is severely threatening the earthily environment which has been sustainable for the existence of human species to exist in the past and present. If the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases continues to increase, then there will be continuous rise in temperature eventually making the earth warmer. Continuously rising temperatures will not only cause the world sea level to rise, threatening all the nations and low lands situated in the oceans and along coastal areas, but will also make mid-latitudinal areas drought regions

Background Information


First, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. Carbon dioxide is good for plant life and is a natural constituent of the atmosphere. Lupo argues that the claim “climate is stable and slow to change, and we are accelerating climate change beyond natural variability” is not true. According to him, climate change is generally a regional phenomenon and not a global one. Regionally, climate has been shown to change rapidly in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Life on earth will adapt as it has always done. Life on earth has been shown to thrive when planetary temperatures are warmer as opposed to colder.

Even the most ardent supporters of global warming argue that humans are only partially responsible for the observed climate change. Previous research carried out showed that during the period about 18,000-15,000 years ago, temperature was about 5-7°C below that of today’s global temperature through comparisons of the environment of droughts, existing during the coldest time period, the warmest time period and the current time period, the last 20,000 years, we can further our understanding of the relationship between global warming and its effects on the existence of the human species.

Global climate change on various time scales


Causes of the global warming of the past 100 years

 The tendency of the global warming of the last century, which from the comparisons between the global temperatures of the Northern Hemisphere and the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide and evolutionary levels of the activities of the activities of the sunspot, it was concluded that the tendency of global warming of the last century recorded for the Northern Hemisphere, also agrees with the tendency of increased activities of the sunspot during the same period. Therefore, increased carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere and increased activities of the sunspot are two main factors affecting current 100 years old global warming. It is well known that the energy which underlies all atmospheric movements is mainly from the solar radiation and various feedback processes therefore, the “seemingly small” change in the solar radiation cannot really be ignored where the phenomenon of global warming is concerned.

Climate change on quasi-60 year time scale and its causes

Geocentric synods are changes in the earth’s daily revolutionary radius during the winter caused by moment effects of the geocentric synods of the four huge plants; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The global temperatures experiences three sudden changes during the last centuries, the global temperature increase of the 1920s, the sudden temperature drop of the 1960s and the sudden temperature increase that occurred during the mid 1970s and the 1980s. These sudden temperature jumps occurred correspondingly at the times when the Earth’s revolutionary radius of the winter season shrank, stretched and shrank. That is, the quasi-60-year periodic evolution of the global temperature and the three temperature jumps of the last 100 years can all be well explained by employing the moment effect of the geocentric synods of the huge planets.

Researchers also pointed out that the sudden increase in the global temperature during the 1970s and 1980s coincided with the rapid increase in carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere, and also during the shortening in the Earth’s revolutionary radius during the winter seasons of the time, caused by the moment effects of the geocentric synods of the huge planets. And therefore one should not blindly conclude that the sudden temperature increase of this time period was mainly caused by increased human emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

What is the physical mechanism for the geocentric synods of all huge planets to affect temperature change of the Northern Hemisphere?


The Earth and several other planets revolve around the sun with respect to the common centre of mass of the solar system.


When the geocentric synods of the nine main planets of the solar system appear during the half year of the winter season and when the geocentric angles relatively small, the effect can make the Earth’s revolutionary speed slow down during winter-half and speeds up during the summer half of the year.  Consequently the temperature of the Northern Hemisphere tends to be colder.

On the contrary if the geocentric synods of the nine main solar planets appear in the summer-half of the year, or even though they appear in the winter-half, but the relevant geocentric angles are large, then the tendencies of global warming can be developed.


Scientifically speaking, there is need to synthetically analyze the situation from the angles of historical, evolutionary facts, multi-disciplinary research and the earth as seen as a whole

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