Why Do We Write Literary Essays?

Literary Essay

People read for a range of reasons. Our rudimentary rationale for picking a book or a piece of text-filled paper is most likely leisure. Reading for recreation may take countless sorts. People may read merely to kill time. We typically consult a literary essay to gain knowledge or bits of relevant information. We benefit from appreciating life on the Genghis River or on Swiss Alps. We discover workable answers to our dilemmas when we chance on people in books whose problems resemble ours. By way of a literary essay, we at times appreciate situations we could not otherwise grasp in real life.

“The work of art,” says Emile Zola, “is a corner of creation seen through a temperament.” There are unique ways of looking into art: each literary artist has his own perspective on how he sees the world around him. He seizes upon an aspect of reality, an experience like unrequited love, for instance, and through the enchanted prism of his art, the white light of truth is broken up into the varied colors of the artist’s desire, fragments of truth and beauty snatched from the flux of life to delight and comfort us, to make us think and discover our truly prismatic humanity. One magazine article titled Ten Reasons Why Women Rule can be a biblical take-off for a potential feminist, while the short story Why Women Wash The Dishes can make an equally powerful impetus for a promising women’s rights activist. The difference lies in what is more verifiable and what is more cherishable. A convinced woman holds facts with the statistics held by the essay, and in other hand, she holds a proof how the society sees women in light of cultural mores. A sample of the essay writing service‘s composition on a literature paper is about Cinderella. Cinderella is indeed a figment of the writer’s wild imagination but as an essay may claim it, “we find a Cinderella inherent in ourselves.” All of us wish to have a Prince Charming that would bravely save us from our hardships, a Fairy Godmother who will twist our fate for the better. Then again, they are but a part of our subconscious perception of reality. If literature does not have a valuable impact in the society, why do we treasure dreams in the still of the night? Why do we daydream? Why do we ever envision ourselves in a kind of life we want to be in later in our life? We escape reality yet we face facts that tell us “it is impossible for you to reach that ambition because statistics give us unfavorable odds to do it.” And in times of ambiguity of what is yet to be, we revert to our history; we go over our books; we uncover our diaries and even re-assess our social essays.

A good number of literary masterpieces bring out true-to-life characters and lifelike milieu, and certain fiction is derived from real people and real events. The latter being based on a literary essay. The principal end of nearly all this kind of paper is to entertain. But a solemn work of literature also inspires and incites the mind. By crafting characters, putting them in identifiable situations, and ascertaining a standpoint, writers of serious fiction lay out judgments. This shrewdness may involve social psychological, moral, or philosophical problems. grandpaperwriting.com covers that a literary essay may also deal with the link between reality and mind’s eye. You can order one short essay today.

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