Make Money Writing Online: There Are Tons of Options!

Thinking about part time jobs in fast food restaurants? Don’t! There is a much easier way to make good money if you have at least some writing skills. Nowadays, you can get paid for writing various academic assignments, as well as online content for websites, blogs, etc. There are tons of options, and the choice is extremely wide.

Usually, clients and freelance writers meet at writing marketplaces, where they can discuss what kind of content needs to be produced and at what price. Deadlines are taken into account, too. Becoming a recognized freelance writer takes time and at least a few satisfied clients that can give you references. However, if you take this works seriously, the reputation will be built organically.

To start, you first need to decide what kind of content you are ready to produce on a regular basis. Some clients order a pile of very similar articles, trying to boost rankings of their websites, so you’ll have to pull all your resources to write highly unique articles. If you are good at a certain topic and can provide valuable insights, then it is a natural fit for you to write on it.

Once you decide what types of content and topics you are ready to deal with, you will know what kind of freelance writing jobs you could apply for. We’ve briefly described the most common options below.

How to make money from writing website pages?

One of the most frequently used options is becoming a freelance copywriter. In this role, you will have to write advertising website pages for various companies. Their primary goal is attracting new customers, so this kind of freelance writing is associated with learning your target audience and understanding how the product or services can make their lives better. There are lots of copywriting marketplaces where you can sell your skills and find new customers.

Note that you can be doing two types of copywriting work – producing big pieces of content with a list of keywords used in the text (primarily used for search optimization of websites) or writing short selling pages that should have significant persuasion power. Even though you are supposed to produce more content in the first case, you are likely to make money if you do the second.

Make money as a writer of academic papers

Another way to make money for a freelance writer is working for a custom writing company. Such companies create academic papers for students, so if you are good at essays and research papers, this will be a good fit. Usually, writers working at a certain custom service can choose which orders to take, depending on their qualifications and the topics they specialize in. As you gain reputation at a certain company, you will have a wider choice of orders you can take. However, if you don’t have a corresponding degree, are you not likely to be assigned high-level assignments.

Academic writing as a career

Writing papers for study purposes may be developed into a career. If you know all ins and outs of a particular subject area and can back this knowledge with a degree, you can go up the career ladder and earn a pretty penny on that. The main thing is to continue improving your abilities and skills, keep up with education standards and get inspired to the job well.

Get paid for articles to be used as guest posts

Guest posts are articles that are produced for search engine optimization purposes. This is another type of distant writing jobs. As a guest post writer, you will have to create articles on various topics that are of acceptable quality level so that different online platforms would approve them for publishing. The good thing is, you can choose to only write on topics you are good at. It is usually more exciting to write guest posts than work on academic content, as these articles allow personal opinions and do not rely so heavily on facts.