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From planktons to dolphins, microbes to sycamores, eagles to jelly fishes, the variety of the living world puzzles the mind. Yet living things are not nearly as different as you might think. In essence, everyone is the same. They were all made of cells containing to a large extent the same six elements: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur. This, in essence, is what makes up science. Indeed, the main theme of a Science essay is the complex concept of diversity of life, referring to the phenomenon that the Earth is populated by an incredibly large number of living things that differ in sizes, shapes, behavior, and habitat. In this great variety of forms, man tries to find order by looking for similarities in structure and trying to put them into neatly separated groups, at least in his mind or on paper such as this Science essay.

In the light of what the essay writing service company at can offer you, the concept of this paper is important to life on this planet because the greater the diversity of a group of organisms, the more stable is that group, meaning, it will be difficult for the entire group to be destroyed. Insects, for example, are considered to be the most successful group of animals, consisting of a very big number of individuals adapted to different ways of life and to different kinds of environment. Thus, many scientists are of opinion, that under existing conditions, wiping out insects from the face of the Earth is next to impossibility.

The feeling of wonder which accompanies one’s realization that life does exist in a great variety of forms should be paralleled by the noble and humble commitment, respect for life. It is hoped that through this paper you will be able to devote considerable time in studying the science of life. Science short essay progresses by observation and experimentation and develops concepts that allow us to understand the material world. Our science papers provide you an understanding of life that will hopefully help us preserve living things including humans themselves.

The recognizes in the paper that the living things are organized, take materials and energy from the environment, respond to stimuli, reproduce and develop, and adapt to the environment. In the living world, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Each new level of biological organization has emergent properties that are due to interactions between the parts making up the whole. For example, the Science essay may tackle that when cells are broken down into bits of membrane and oozing liquids, these parts themselves cannot carry out the business of living. Slice a frog and arrange the slices, and the frog cannot flick out its tongue and catch flies. Amazingly, recent advances in the life sciences have placed the ultramodern future in human hands. What evolution accomplished over hundreds of millions, even billions, of years, can now be manipulated and modified in laboratory test tubes within months or even weeks, or even just hours when put on a paper such as this Science essay. Buy essays from us today for your convenience.


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