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In England, the Renaissance spirit reached its height in the work of the poet and playwright William Shakespeare. Many people regard Shakespeare as the world’s finest dramatist and the greatest writer in the English language. In this Shakespeare essay, we reckon that this social magnet was an actor and playwright, not a classical scholar; a fellow writer said that he had “small Latin and less Greek.” The humanists’ fascination in other times and places, specifically the ancient world, he partook in nevertheless. This Shakespeare essay finds out that several plays, such as Julius Caesar and Anthony and Cleopatra, drew on Greek and Roman history. Others take place in Renaissance Italy and in medieval England, Scotland, and Denmark.

Shakespeare also shared the Renaissance spirit of admiration for humanity. In the play Hamlet, he wrote: “What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason!…in action how like an angel!” Shakespeare’s plays portrayed the whole range of human feelings: joy, love, greed, jealousy, ambition, rage, sorrow. His characters were complex, believable people. Few writers in any age have explored human behavior and feelings with such insight. In the essay writing service, we explore the life of Shakespeare from his life to his plays, from his career to his contribution to the world’s artistic heritage.

Dramatic activities are usually part of every school convocation and community program. Groups put on plays by the famous playwrights such as Shakespeare, or more informally classes dramatize the events they are studying. Attending the theater to see a play is a wonderful experience. Writing about it is a testament to the renowned playwright’s extent of influence up to this generation. It may be a comedy, tragedy, mystery, melodrama, or musical. In any of them, a group of people act out the plot to get across to the audience the ideas the author or playwright as Shakespeare is trying to express. The offers to pen the paper in the way drama, in its technical aspect, may give the audience an intense experience of the infinite variety and wonder of human creativeness, of Shakespeare’s god-like power to give peculiar permanence to fleeting and transitory experience through the immensely evocative patterns made by words. The, through the research paper or English essay, shall help promote international understanding of this famed dramatist.

Summing up, therefore, the values and uses of the drama, we find in the Shakespeare short essay that the drama may vivify, clarify, and make meaningful experiences that the reader has had, or make compelling and illuminating experiences he has not had. The helps, by making a substantial Shakespeare essay, to stimulate and enrich the reader’s imaginative experience on its sensory and ideational planes. It may be a presentation of the famous dramatist’s philosophical, ethical, or religious views that are not his own. The reader and audience’s temporary acceptance of unfamiliar views may deepen and broaden the whole stream of his ideas, may encourage him continually to modify his own views of life in the light of views that he only partially accepts, and may, in the long run, increase the store of wisdom he may garner from the insight of greater and more penetrating intellects

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