Story Essay – Personal Narratives Article

Story Essay

There are times when you want to compose an article that relates to the nature of telling a story. In this aspect, it is important that you know what to write about and have the capacity to tell a good story to attract more readers. If you want to write a Story essay, then you are most probably going to write a narrative type of an article. We have previously mentioned the essay types at This time, we will give you more options on what to talk about in your Story essay and will help you choose the possible sources of topics for writing.

Your personal experience may become one of the strongest sources of topics for your essay. When you write about personal experience you are integrating yourself into the article and thus giving it more of a character and personality. This can also become a good source for your motivation to continue writing the story. It is very convenient to choose a topic about your experiences in life because you can always recall details about it. Your memory will be the best source of information about your story and this will give you better management capacity to make your story to be more engaging to read.

There are also some cases when a Story essay can come from personal observation. The main difference between this type and your personal experience is that you do not need to have any relation to the events you are going to talk about. For example, you can write a peace essay and talk about its implications to the society. A narrative essay based on observation is unbiased and will simply rely on your ability to collate information according to your views. If you can remember things about an event which you have observed, then you can also tell a story about it. For example, you may talk about a rally against the government regarding some social issues, you need not be a participant of the event but you can write about it based only on your observation.

As you know, you can also write a Story essay that will involve fictional storyline, plot and characters (see a Character essay). This is the most exciting part of the writing procedure because you can make up any events and you can easily integrate any of your thoughts into the story. You are not restricted in topic choice and you need not involve any proof to support the details of the story. You are free to choose any topic and you can write about anything just to attract readers.

A Story essay can be a relaxing way to compose an article. It is not highly technical but for sure your readers will enjoy reading your article if you have a good topic and the quality writing. Make sure that you always visit so that you can learn a thing or two when it comes to writing essays and articles. Should you need further assistance, you can also request for intensive personal services at our essay writing service anytime you need a writer.

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