The Great Gatsby Essays Explore Different Themes of the Novel


The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is considered to be one of the great works of the American literature. It is usually included in the academic institutional curriculum and closely studied by students. Professors and teachers assign their students to write an essay on the book in order to evaluate their knowledge and help them gain a deeper understanding of this timeless novel. The Great Gatsby essay can be a real challenge for students, as the book contains many profound ideas and overlapping layers. Such an essay can discuss any of the raised themes or give a general analysis of the book.

The book was written in the 1925 and describes the time soon after World War I. Fitzgerald himself called it the “Jazz Age”, when the horrors of the war were followed by unprecedented prosperity in the USA and by Prohibition law and era of decadence. That is why The Great Gatsby essay can tackle any topic reflected in the book from love, lost hopes and impact of the war to hypocritical and artificial life of the American upper class. Another subject, which should be given special attention when analyzing the novel, is the idea of the American dream. Life of the main character, Jay Gatsby, can be interpreted as a fulfillment of this dream, because he actually rose from rags to riches. If you decide to depict this topic, you should not ignore the author’s ambiguous attitude towards the American dream and its debunking clearly indicated in Jay Gatsby’s life.

The Great Gatsby essay can also describe the main characters of the novel, these being Jay Gatsby, Nick Carraway, Tom Buchanon, Daisy Buchanon and Jordan Baker. The narrator of the story is Nick Carraway, who seems to be the only reasonable and down-to-earth person in the novel. He is related to Daisy Buchanon, that was once deeply loved by Jay Gatsby, but married well-off Tom Buchanon. Jordan Baker is her self-absorbed friend. After achieving financial prosperity Jay Gatsby still longs for Daisy and lives in a nearby house. The plot develops vigorously and ends up with an unusual twist. All these characters are extremely vivid and their actions and behaviour can be viewed from different angles. For this reason students are frequently asked to write about one particular character. At times one faces some problems analyzing a character and understanding their true nature. In such case you can always rely on the experts of for help.

If your assignment essay is an overall analysis of The Great Gatsby, then there are certain points you would not like to ignore during writing. First of all, you should consider the historical circumstances which were a setting for this novel. A deep analysis of main characters and events should be made when discussing the plot. You should also research in detail Fitzgerald’s style of writing and modernist techniques used. Then mention how the real-life sentiments are reflected in the book. You should note that many real-life ideas expressed in the book were felt but not yet recognized by the general public. So don’t forget to give careful consideration to the book’s significance for the contemporary time.

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