Why Do We Write Essays


“No man is an island,” said John Donne in his Devotions, XVII, more than three centuries ago. Surely we echo his words today when, more than ever, all the people of the world rely upon one another for products, services, and peace. Like all other people, you are a complex system of thoughts and feelings, of ideas and emotions. Like all other people, you write essays to share your thoughts and feelings, of ideas and emotions. You need to nourish and to assert yourself, but you deplore gluttony and violence. To do just that, you sometimes resort to put it in writing. You cherish privacy, but you thrive on friendship. You cherish the public even more when you know you can write essays as much as you can thrive on socializing. Compose a music essay or a science essay and you will definitely get an audience.

The Grandpaperwriting.com, that is our essay writing service company, recognizes that today a person economically is not an “island”; he cannot isolate himself from his fellowmen. As you attempt to fulfill yourself in business and in the private aspects of your life, your brain enables you to identify, classify, relate, and solve. If your brain completely governed your behavior, you might always act reasonably. But, in responding to environmental stimuli and to your inherited temperament, you generate emotions as well as ideas. You feel as well as you think.

Since you are rational, you create ideas. Since you are emotional, you modify your ideas with egotism and generosity, with fear and courage, with hatred and love. The combinations and conflicts of these personality attributes are to be expected; all people, including you, are emotional-rational beings. The Grandpaperwriting.com sees it crucial therefore that you have assumed the obligation of striving, ethically and efficiently, to use thoughts and feelings, ideas and emotions, actions and reactions in conducting yourself, your life, and your work, and translate them into a powerful tool of writing.

The very invention of words has been identified as the foundation of civilization. With the www.Grandpaperwriting.com, you realize just that and that indeed words have been and are the instruments as well as the evidence of the man’s being a no-loner, social being. Through words man continues discovering himself and the association of that self with the universe that contains it.

We help the writer to get his or her target readers to seize the important points. When a speaker stresses certain words or larger elements, you know that he regards these as important in a written essay. You can hear him give emphasis to it. But when you write essays, emphasis must be seen. Words that you emphasize by vocal stress in speaking, you must emphasize by position when you write essays. Power and even credibility are increased if the unit is so arranged as to bring the important words at the beginning and the end, and the others, such as connectives and modifying principles in the middle. Today, as in past centuries, written marks are the chief means of man’s understanding of his own behavior and that of his fellow creatures. Although we rarely resort to hieroglyphs or inscriptions today, we certainly use gestures, speech, and written representations in themselves.

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